Friday, June 19, 2009

Bussiness Cards

Hey guys,

well maybe I shouldn't say that yet. I have nary a follower and minimal viewing of my blog, thats ok though someday. Promote, promote ,promote

I am really excited though cause I was trying to create business cards to help promote myself and I was having a really hard time because most of them had the internet address in really tiny print so you could hardly see it. But, I found someone who designed some for me, and they are gorgeous, next time I will put on a pic of them, I am supper excited about them yay!So I am going to try to pass them about and maybe make up some fliers to put places to help promote,anyone got any ideas on where to put my fliers and other ways to promote by the way?

Anyway my business cards are curretly being printed up and shipped to me, woohoo.

Talk to ya all later.



  1. It's so fun to get a new box of business cards! I need to have some made myself.

  2. I love ordering business cards. I'm always so excited!

  3. is excellent for business cards and all other types of business stuff and it's really cheap!

  4. I hear a lot of really good things about I think next time I am going to try them just to see what they can do.